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The Art of Magic

Original Air Date: February 11, 1998

Produced by KCTS Seattle for PBS

Opening Theme & Remarks
Jeff McBride
Max Maven
Opening Montage & Historical Film Clips

Performing Miracles
* Lance Burton - Phantom Duel Illusion
Max Maven on Shamen
Jeff McBride on Shamen
Shamen Footage
* Hiawatha - Story of the Rejumba Nuts
Eugene Burger on Shamen
James Randi on Shamen
Historical Footage, Shamen
Egyptian Magic
Eugene Burger on Egyptian and Greek Magic
Hero's Temple
Max Maven - A simple Prediction
Greek Magi - Followers of Zoroaster
Eugene Burger on Greek Magic
* Sigfried & Roy - Elephant Vanish
India, The Ganges and Benares
Eugene Burger - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
The Fakirs of India
* James Randi - Needle Through Arm
Jeff McBride - Sword Basket
Posters, Modern Performers
* The Pendragon's - Metamorphosis
James Randi - Legend of the Indian Rope Trick
* Historical footage, Kalanag, Indian Rope Trick
Jamy Ian Swiss - remarks on skepticism and the early Church
Eugene Burger - Magic versus the Church
Jeff McBride - Magic versus the Church
* Eugene Burger's INQUISITION - Card Warp
Lance Burton's Cremation Illusion
Eugene Burger on Magic versus Religion
Jeff McBride - Card Fanning Exposition
* Luna Shemada - Water Vanish
Max Maven on young magicians
* Lance Burton - Card Sword
Isaac Fawkes
Harry Houdini era
* Sigfried & Roy - Elephant Appearance

Sleight Of Hand
* Jamy Ian Swiss - Ambitious Card Routine (partial)
Middle Ages - Street Entertainers
* Eugene Burger's Haunted Matchbox
* Jamy Ian Swiss - Ambitious Card (continued)
* Max Maven - A Test of Perception
James Randi on Principles of Perception
Eugene Burger on Directing Attention
* Jeff McBride - Cups and Balls
Historical Photos
* Johnny Thompson's version of Max Malini's Cups & Balls
* Jeff McBride - Cups and Balls
* David Williamson - Shadow Coins
Jamy Ian Swiss - Coin Manipulation
* Channing Pollack - Dove Act - from Italian Film
* Johnny Thompson's Version of Channing Pollack's Act
* Lance Burton's - Dove in Cage Levitation
* Jayson Byrnes' Bird Act
Clips: John Neville Maskelyne, Thurston, Slidini
* Lance Burton - Child volunteer and Endless Ribbon
* Jeff McBride - Card Manipulation
* Jamy Ian Swiss - Ambitious Card (continued)
* Cardini - and Swan - Complete Routine.
* Jamy Ian Swiss - A "lecture" - The Four Basic Principles of Card Magic

Deceiving The Mind
Early and modern Mentalists - Zancig's, Piddington's, Maven,
Cagliostro, Bishop, Dunninger, Randi on Dunninger
* Max Maven - Last phase of Card Divination
* James Randi - Psycho Kinesis Demonstration - Fork Bending
Jamy Ian Swiss - on Parapsychology
* James Randi - Divination Demonstration - Die Reading
The Fox Sisters
* Max Maven - Sprit Slate Writing
Eugene Burger - Houdini Profile
* Houdini Escapes Strait Jacket hoisted upside down
The Davenport Brothers
John Neville Maskelyne and the Davenports
Contemporary Performers on Psychics
* James Randi - Psychic Surgery Demonstration
Max Maven
Jeff McBride
* Lance Burton - Levitation

Grand Illusion
Historical Footage
* Lance Burton - Girl Vanished from Giant Gramophone - Lance Burton appears in audience
Johnny Thompson, Max Maven, and Eugene Burger on Las Vegas
Sigfried & Roy - Lady to Tiger
Lance Burton - Manipulative Magic
Thompson on passing of the Mantel
Old Posters
* Lance Burton - Backstage view of Cane Cabinet Illusion
* Jeff McBride's - Water Bowl Illusion
* Max Maven's version of 7 Keys
* Hiawatha - African Legend / Doll Levitation
* Blackstone's Buzz Saw Illusion
Automatons and PSYCHO
John Neville Mascalyne's Levitation
* Lance Burton's Levitation
Oriental Theme Magic
Robert Houdin
* Pendragon's Suspension
* Peter Samelson's SNOW
* Lance Burton's Artist's Dream
* Dante's Levitation,
* Lance Burton's Double Levitation
* Sigfried & Roy's Body Fusion
The Bullet Catch
* The Pendragon's Bullet Catch
Pamela Hayes on Box Jumpers
* Pamela Hayes and Johnny Thompson in Action
The Pendragons
* Luna Shemada and Jeff McBride - Lotus Position Levitation
Sawing a Woman in Half
* Pendragon's Clearly Impossible
Jamy Ian Swiss - Lightning Fast Card Changes
* Max Maven
Lance Burton - After the Show, Young Magician's awards
Pollack, Thompson, Burton - "... Birds versus rabbits"

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